Shannon Woolsey

Founder, Level 10 Stylist, Resilient, Corrective Color Extraordinaire, Calculated Risk Taker, Serious Fun-haver, and just maybe, the best ‘boss’ ever

Shannon gave her very first makeover when she was just 11 years old. Unbeknownst to their parents, she and a neighbor girl who was being teased at school broke a lot of rules that day, and turned a few heads in the meantime. Think bangs, drastic length chopping, and dramatic makeup. When the girl’s mother called, angry, Shannon’s mother explained it quite simply: Shannon just wanted to help her, and make her feel beautiful.

That’s kind of her thing: she’s known to shake things up and show anyone in her path a good time while having the time of her life. She’s wildly passionate about this business, and she knows her stuff.

Of course, she isn’t all business. We’re convinced ‘fun’ is her middle name. She’ll take a martini, please—two olives, straight up. Shaken (shocker), not stirred. She’s a big fan of weekend getaways with her childhood girlfriends and the giggles they still share all these years later. Her love for travel has taken her all over the world: on cruises, hiking adventures, and even the next town over.

Her two daughters and son are thick as thieves. At home, she enjoys gardening: both flowers and vegetables.

Her love of family flows right over to her staff.  She possesses a joy only a mother can understand, coaching them and watching their growth as they build their own business and start families.

There’s nothing like caring for the people who have helped cultivate her business and making so many guests feel beautiful. When they leave the salon and spread all the positive energy they’ve experienced, it’s a ripple effect Shannon is proud to stand behind. Her philosophy is pretty simple: Too bad hairdressers aren’t running the world.

Wait a minute. They don’t?!