You’ll relax as your cut and style is executed with care, and careful attention to every fine detail.

A BarberShop experience to redefine all standards.

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your hair’s integrity will always be our first priority.

Your look is best maintained visiting us every 4-6 weeks.Every cut + style service begins with a complimentary customized consultation. Our service providers will touch base with you, and establish (and re-establish) your hair goals.

Blowout to show out:
It is our pleasure to finish (blow dry) every look. This service is especially for you. We want you showing off those fresh locks, everywhere you go.

Shhhh…pampering in progress:
The shampoo room is our happy place. Please be conscious of the indulging taking place. Sit back + and soak it all in.=

Quintessential Grooming + Care

The foundation of every great style begins with a phenomenal haircut. That’s what this business is built on.

Gentleman's Haircut
from $43
Our barber specializes in men’s hair and grooming. A classic gentleman’s haircut in our barbershop will redefine your standards and expectations of what a men’s cut should be. This service includes our signature shampoo, condition and scalp massage, and is tailored to you hair needs.
Gentleman's Haircut w/ Bald Fade
from $58
Requiring precision and skill, a well-executed bald fade will leave your hair tapered very short or shaved to the skin on the sides and back of the head. This technique gives the illusion of a smooth transition and creates a sharp contrast between the shaved portion and the longer hair on top. The bald fade is a popular choice for those who prefer a clean, modern, and stylish look.
Classic Razor Shave
from $48
Honoring the history and tradition of this classic shaving technique begins with using a hot towel to dampen your skin, allowing the pores to open. After a deep conditioning lather, the razor can now glide over your skin, giving you the closest, cleanest shave you can imagine.
Color Camo
‍‍from $38
Achieve younger looking hair in only 10 minutes. This hair color offers custom gray hair color camouflage in six shades, ensuring subtle, low maintenance results.
Head Razor Shave
from $48
Your scalp will be conditioned with oils and covered with a hot towel in preparation for the razor shave. After lathering, a clean, classic shave is performed until the scalp is completely smooth.
Young Gent's Haircut (12 and under)
from $43
A child’s cut and style are executed with as much care and careful attention to detail as our men’s cuts. This service includes our signature shampoo, condition and scalp massage, and is finished with a hot towel clean-up.
Young Gent’s Haircut w/ Bald Fade
from $58
Bespoke Grooming + Care

We’re truly gracious to style your hair. You will look stunning, feel confident and exude happiness. We’ve got this.

Beard Razor Lineup
‍‍from $20
A hot towel will be applied to your face before impeccably shaping your facial hair down to the last detail. For ultimate care, a leave-in conditioning treatment using a nourishing beard oil or balm of your choice is applied, completing your service.
Beard + Mustache Shaping
‍‍from $20
Your beard and mustache will be trimmed and shaped to your satisfaction, without no hair out of place. Then, to complete your service, a leave-in conditioning treatment using a nourishing beard oil or balm of your choice is applied.
Razor Hard Part
from $11
For the closest and crispest part to be desired, this is the service you’re looking for. Using a razor, we’ll get as close to the skin as imaginable, giving you the detailed perfection you desire.
Hot Oil Beard Treatment
‍‍from $20
A pampering treatment designed especially for the bearded gentlemen. Your beard will be conditioned with hot oils and a towel, especially important for treating damaged or coarse beards, restoring the hair to its healthiest potential
Five-star Neck Clean-up
‍‍from $14
This signature service includes our hot towel and oil treatment and cleans up the neckline paying special attention to unruly or fast-growing hair. A complimentary neck and scalp massage complete your experience