There is so much beauty and elegance in strong, healthy nails.

Reserve some time to be pampered at our stylish nail bar, where the essence of quality and relaxation merge. Boasting the latest cutting-edge equipment and advanced techniques,  your nails will look as strong, healthy, and beautiful as ever.

From classic, French manicures to eye-catching patterns and custom nail art, our talented nail technicians are trained to provide you with a nail experience that ensures precision and attention to detail throughout your service.

With a curated selection of the finest nail care products, come experience your next manicure or pedicure in your new favorite haven.

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We’d say this is an experience like no other. The spa is centered on the latest advancements in sanitation and cleanliness. Seriously. We’re talking disinfected pipe-less bowl technology, UV sterilization, and top of the line chairs and equipment. Your skin will experience the difference.

Classic Manicure
from $36
Our team will trim and shape your nails using advanced cuticle work techniques, hand exfoliation, hot towels and polishing. You’ll love the hand and arm massage.
Signature Manicure
from $40
This is a Classic, but we throw in a moisturizing paraffin treatment.
Ultimate Manicure
from $45
A classic, but with a classic gel polish application. The no-chip polish has long lasting wear and shine, and will be completely dry when you leave the salon. No waiting.
Buff + Polish
from $27
Exactly what it sounds like. We will buff your nails up, but the process is short (still detailed) and always sweet.
Plexigel Full Set
from $55
Plexigel Shaper goes right on top of your natural nail to strengthen and enhance the nail. This is a healthier alternative to dip and other nail techniques and works miracles for thin, brittle nails that break easily. This technique is also a great solution for our guests that just can’t get gel polish to stick to their nails - we got you!
Plexigel+ Full Set
from $75
PlexiGel Builder acts as an extended version of your nail, great for nail repairs and strengthening and building out your nails.
Gel-X Full Set
from $75
Want longer lasting, more beautiful nails? GelX nails are a 100% full coverage gel nail extensions applied on top of natural nails. The GelXsystem comes in all of the shapes and sizes (square, oval, round, almond, stiletto, etc.) you love and can be polished and customized like any other nail extension option.

Natural feeling and flexible, your GelX manicure will feel comfortable and light weight on your hand.
Gel-X Fill-in
from $55
Recommended fills every 2-3 weeks.

Get ready for an unparalleled experience. Our pedicure and nail bar prioritizes cutting-edge sanitation and cleanliness practices. Our dedicated team of spa service providers is committed to delivering elevated care and meticulous attention to detail.

Choose from a range of tailored pedicure options designed to revitalize your feet and leave you feeling pampered. Treat yourself to the ultimate self-care experience that will rejuvenate, relax, and leave your feet looking and feeling their absolute best. You deserve it more than anyone.

Classic Pedicure
from $62
We will trim and shape the nails using advanced cuticle work techniques, callus contouring and shaping, exfoliation, massage, masks and hot towel and polish application. We want one right now.
Signature Pedicure
from $69
This adds a healing therapy and moisturizing paraffin treatment to the Classic technique. We make it all about you, and your skin care needs.
Ultimate Pedicure
from $77
The Classic, with a gel polish application. It’s no-chip, long lasting and super shiny.
Buff + Polish Pedicure
from $42
A short (but still detailed) and always sweet version of our pedicure.

Life’s little luxuries go a long way. For those extra touches and additional pampering, combine any of these elevations to your services. You won’t regret it.

French Polish
Paraffin Treatment
Gel Soak Off
additional $10