Priscilla Fears

Level 1 Stylist, Blowout + Styling Master, Attentive, Imaginative, Fashionable

Meet Priscilla. A California transplant with a passion for fashion, human connection, and, of course, fabulous, healthy hair.

With an affinity for styling and blowouts, Priscilla’s love for cosmetology is rooted in a purpose beyond simply making her guests look and feel good on the outside; she wants her guests’ inner beauty to shine, too.

Her method in achieving this? Ensuring her guests’ are seen and heard, and that their hair goals are interpreted according to their perspective - and not lost in translation along the way. When sitting in her chair, you can expect superior customer care and connection, attention to detail, and an unmatched authenticity for putting your needs at the center of her work.

As if all of those things aren’t enough to make you run - not walk - to book with her, her personality and charisma will also blow you away. Uplifting, positive, energetic, and an all-around good time, she’s the breath of fresh air anyone could ask for after a hard day or long week at work. She’ll happily share her love of music, whimsy, and fashion with you, naturally brightening your day while pampering you and your hair.  

Coming from the West Coast, she’s got big-city, forward-thinking views, and experience when it comes to industry trends and knowledge, but says our close-knit, local community vibes have totally captured her heart. Undoubtedly, her talent, work ethic, and authenticity will capture yours in the same way.