Olivia Cody

Level 1 Stylist, Dimensional Blondes, Men’s Cuts, Education-obsessed, Connector, Fun-haver

The eldest amongst her sisters and cousins, Olivia grew up doing hair and nails. Cutting her dad’s hair, her sisters’, her cousins.’ While she may have once upon a time thought she might become a teacher, cosmetology has always overshadowed everything else. And here we are.    

From men’s cuts and clipper work to dimensional blondes and natural coloring, what she loves most is that every person’s hair is different, and what she gets to help create from each canvas. Her knowledge (and talent) is vast because she believe to be a truly great stylist, you have to go out of your way to continue learning, which was one of the selling points of joining Shannon Aleksandr’s.

Her down to earth personality and authenticity shine through, leaving you feeling as if you’ve known her forever. Part of that is likely due to how important her family and relationships are in life. At home, she enjoys spending time with friends and family, bonding over cooking, food, and music. We know, it’s just so dang dreamy.

Still, there’s one thing Olivia wants all of her guests who book with her to know:

Every visit, she’s gonna dedicate the time needed to help you achieve your hair goals. You’ll never feel rushed, and every visit is curated to deliver the experience you deserve. This craft is about more than just money to her. It’s about about making connections, being human, and getting to do what she loves for a living.

You heard it hear first, ladies and gents, the perfect salon experience does exist, and Olivia might just be the stylist you never knew you needed.