Montana Daniels

Level 5 Stylist, Redken Enthusiast, Pinterest Perfect Hair, Hard-working

We’re here to tell ya, if you end up in Montana’s chair, you’re in the right place.She does knockout hair, crafting those specialty, low maintenance, but beautifully organic natural looks that create a unique style for each of her guests. However, up-dos were (and remain) herfirst love.

She’s a sucker for big transformations and tries to have fun with them –creating a “big reveal” moment for her clients. But what she really loves about them is how they make her guest feel happy with their hair again. It’s the most wonderful feeling for her, and why she got in the industry.

Her husband is her best friend, and they enjoy cooking, baking (mostly Montana), and spending time with their fur babies. One day they hope to have a farm. Montana likes to stay fit and rarely misses a morning walk. Her idea of relaxation includes playing video games and indulging in a delicious snack.

Building up other stylists, teaching, sharing techniques, and helping and coaching are her short, and long-term goals.Be ready to bond, maybe even receive a little hair and color theory 101, and most importantly –leave with killer hair.