Mattie Speicher

Level 1 Esthetician, Self-taught, Facial, Skincare & Results-Obsessed, Chocolate Chip Cookie Monster, Skin Therapist

Your skincare routine is about to be elevated. 

Most of us know the basics of skincare: at the very least, wash your face and moisturize – right?

Then there are people like Mattie, who - before becoming an esthetician - kept a running spreadsheet of different skin types, conditions, product ingredients, and what they do, and was (accurately) assessing her friends’ skin issues while providing customized skincare routines – that worked.

Well, these days she’s expertly tailoring treatments and skincare for her guests here at Shannon’s, and if you’re not one of them, your skin is missing out!

Big on research and even more passionate about results, Mattie’s approach to her guests’ skincare truly focuses on customized routines and products. She regularly educates her guests on why specific ingredients and techniques work best for their skin types, taking the guesswork out of all things skincare, and empowering you with the knowledge and products needed for glowing, healthy skin!

Her compassionate, calming, and caring demeanor draws you in, and her sense of humor, honesty, and authenticity make you want to stick around and become her best friend. When not obsessing over skincare or researching a new trend or technique, she enjoys cooking and hiking and nothing will ever come between her and her plants, cats, Taylor Swift, or a delicious chocolate chip cookie. And yes, she bakes them regularly. She’s just so dang wholesome you’ll have to meet her and see for yourself!

Whether you need to get your glow back, have a pre-existing skin condition in need of some TLC, or simply want to establish a skincare routine that’s right for you, Mattie is the skin therapist you didn’t know you needed.