Maribeth Hartsburg

Level 2 Stylist, Blonding, Coloring, Layering, Melomaniac, Unapologetically Happy

With a background in musical theatre, Maribeth is no stranger to the hair and makeup world. Originally torn between music and hair when it came time to choose a career, everything clicked once she was in school, and the rest is history.

She’ll tell you she really loves blonding: lived-in, natural-looking blondes. But she kinda does it all. Coloring, layering, cutting, men’s cuts - you name it. She’s also pragmatic when it comes to accommodating her guests and their lifestyles. Not up for making it into a salon every 4-6 weeks? No problem. She’s loves taking care of people with busy lives and delivering a cut and color experience that achieves longevity without sacrificing beauty. Need we say more?

Music is still a massive part of her life. She plays and/or sings every day, but also loves hiking, hammocking, spending time with family, and sometimes just unwinding and doing nothing with her doggos. Talk about good vibes only!

An highly energetic person and unapologetically happy person, she’s aware that her vibe might not be everyone’s cup of tea, and she’s okay with that. However, if you’re looking for a stylist who is deeply invested in helping you feel beautiful and achieving your hair goals, is super kind and personable, but still a straight shooter with a sense of humor, look no further.

Maribeth checks all those boxes. Plus, she can carry a tune, loves seeing others happy, and is sure to give you a good laugh and a great hair experience.