Lydia Hayden

Level 5 Nail Technician, Animal Lover, Free Spirit, Empowering, Serene, Artistic

If you’re looking for some zen time –to unplug, unwind and forget about the outside world, you’ve come to the right nail tech.

If chatting and bonding is more your style, Lydia makes it a point to make those connections with her clients, too. That’s her thing: creating and providing you with the experience and atmosphere you’re looking for –not to mention leaving you with gorgeous skin and nails while she’s at it.

An almost-ballerina (she did ballet for 15 years and almost went to Juilliard!) with an old soul, Lydia is neat, clean, and organized. She’s also adventurous with a creative side.

Her vibe is heavy on the selfless side, and she strives to give her guests flawless manicures and pedicures with pristine attention to detail you’ll brag about to your friends.

Her secret talent? Detailed nail art. Lydia embraces individualism and self-expression; no nail design is off the table. She’s always up for a challenge.

Strong, healthy nails. Attention to detail. Superior products. Luxurious pampering. Gorgeous colors and flawless nail art. What more could you ask of your nail tech?