Lauren Rose

Level 1 Massage Therapist, Family-oriented, Pain Whisperer, Self Care Enthusiast, Zen Master

Been experiencing stress from life or work (who isn’t?), have ongoing pain, or just want something to make you feel brand new again? Look no further - we’ve got just the massage therapist that helps with all of that, and more!

Lauren got her start as a cosmetologist (at SAS!) before realizing massage therapy was her true calling. Having always been drawn to caring for people, she discovered through massage that she could help people feel relaxed and support their emotional healing, too.

Her go-to massage builds on the classic, therapeutic Swedish massage for relaxation. Lauren loves incorporating scrubs and aromatherapy into her methodology to give her guests an all-around physical, mental and emotional retreat from the world. And it’s not just about relaxation and self care. Lauren digs in and uses massage to help relieve pain and improve posture. You’re getting the total package.

And it all comes naturally. Her family is the center of her universe, and she has a huge heart, wanting the people around her - her friends, family and community - to live their best lives and to be able to show up as their best selves in all that they do.

Work can be hard. Family life and routine can be demanding. Physical activity pushes our bodies to its limit. This list goes on, and while it’s all necessary and worth it (the vacations, boating, days spent by the pool, working out, etc.), Lauren’s mantra is simple and human-centered:

No one should be held back in their lives due to life’s routine, physical pain, or stress when being loved on with healing massage techniques can help people live move active, healthier lives. Massage is Lauren’s love language, and getting on her table might help you discover it’s yours, too!

Family-oriented, Pain Whisperer, Self Care Enthusiast, Zen Master