Kelsey Word

Level 6 Stylist, Balayage Beauties, Hard-working, Adventurous, Spirited

Kelsey can’t say enough about the salon. She gushes about her love for her Shannon Aleksandr’s family and the support she receives from everyone. The help she receives from her coworkers builds her up and inspires her to challenge herself to get out of her comfort zone. She openly welcomes growth and education.

She lives for creating balayage, lived-in looks that last and make her guests’ lives easier –and beautiful.

Kelsey is always up for an adventure, no matter how small –from beach hopping, being outdoors, and eating banana splits –nothing is really off limits. Her family and pups are closest to her heart, and she shamelessly enjoys bingeing reality tv and streaming series on Netflix. Don’t we all?

We’d say she’s not your average millennial. She’s inherited a solid work ethic, passed on by her mama. They share a mindset many of us could not only learn from but live by: Go in early. Stay late. Go the extra mile. Make it happen. Everything pays off in the end, and balance is key. And that’s what she brings to the table everyday.