Kabrea Wright

Level 4 Stylist, Imaginative, Neat-Freak, Deliberate, Perfectionist

One of the most admirable characteristics of Kabrea is her drive and work ethic. She combined her passion for making others feel beautiful and her love for dressing up and playing with makeup and hair into a career in cosmetology. She’s lived in different cities and worked in other professions, but nothing else has ever made her feel quite as at home as being a cosmetologist.

When it comes to hair, she’s a perfectionist. She doesn’t rush your appointment time or cut corners; instead, she’s mastered the artof creating a flawless, finished look while intimately distributing her time and energy to her clients.

She’s drawn to dark hair and dimensional looks but loves making them low maintenance for her guests. And we can’t forget about curly hair! She’s a curly girl and knows the struggs when searching for a stylist who gets it. She’s been there -and learned from it. Without a doubt, she’ll take good care of your curly locks.

She feeds her spontaneity with impromptu drives (with no destination) and weekendgetaways and is always up for sporting events (GO UK!). We won’t complain that she ended up here –and we don’t think you will either.