Jill Grady

Level 6 Stylist, Bob & Blowout Enthusiast, Gray Coverage, Hairspray Addict

Jill’s strong suit is being a good listener, and she considers herself a significant confidant amongst her coworkers and guests. Her favorite part of being a stylist is making her guests happy and seeing their reactions to her work.

From classic bobs andbeautiful blowouts to chic, all-over gray coverage in a jiffy (Jill is a master at 10-minute Redken gray coverage), she’s got something up her sleeve for anyone sitting in her chair.

She loves the chance to unplug and recharge in nature, usually fishingwith her daughter. When they’re not on the water, Jill, her husband, and their kiddos try to get out of the house and into nature as often as possible. They rent a cabin in the Northwoods a few times a year.

If simple elegance, authenticity, and being well taken care of are traits you’re after in a stylist, you’ll be in the best hands with Jill