Jessica Williams

Front Desk Coordinator, Passionate, People Lover, Mantra: Dessert before Dinner

An interesting thing about Jessica is that once upon a time, she was a cosmetologist. However, somewhere in her career, she discovered her true passion was simply in customer service all along -which makes for an even better front desk coordinator!

Aside from juggling our stylists’ schedules, she’s got the upper hand in helping guests, with a unique knack for suggesting products tailored to their needs. And she sure hasn’t lost her touch! Instead of chic, edgy, cool hairstyles, you’ll experience some of the best, most personalized salon services you could ever dream of.

She finds deep fulfillment in spending time with her kids, exploring the outdoors, springing for weekend getaways, traveling, and loves a goodglass of wine. The simple things in life are the best in her book, and we’ll cheers to that