Jenna McDermott

Front Desk Coordinator, People-Pleaser, Problem-Solver, Genuine, Wise

Jenna is one of the first faces you’ll see when visiting the salon –and for good reason. She’s got an incredible (and natural) knack for customer service –especially for putting out fires. Here’s the catch: she’s so good; she prevents the fires, kid you not. Chatting with her, working with her, being taken care of by her –it all feels like hanging with afamily member who really cares about you, and we’re grateful for how well she takes care of our guests and how much easier she makes all our lives.

She enjoys grocery shopping, watching too much Netflix, and being entertained by her cat, Presley, who is in charge at her place. Adulting 101.

A fun fact we love about her: Her middle name is “Dale,” the same as her grandpa’s -they also share a birthday. Every year they go out to celebrate together, and we can’t think of anything more precious.

Her work ethic is a force to be reckoned with, and she approaches every challenge ready and willing to learn and grow—the perfect person to have at our front desk and in your corner.