Jenna Klueh

Level 2 Stylist, Hairapy Professional, Highlights Artist, Witty, Intuitive, Gamer

Once upon a time, Jenna had big dreams of becoming the next Dr. Phil (but only because she didn’t know how to braid hair). Let’s unpack that.

She knew she wanted to help people and make them feel better, and she’d always loved doing hair and makeup. However, she’d written off cosmetology school because she thought she needed to know how to braid!

A couple of years into her psychology coursework, her passion for hair and makeup hadn’t subsided, and it dawned on her: she didn’t have to become a therapist - she could be a ‘hair-a-pist’ (and could learn to braid!).

Interestingly, she’s found a way to blend both worlds, giving her guests great hair while still being someone they can trust, confide in, and unwind with. Luckily, it works both ways: cosmetology - especially highlighting - is enormously therapeutic for Jenna.

Family-oriented, Jenna’s parents are her favorite (and most supportive) besties, alongside her significant other and her precious (and very spoiled) fur baby. She has a soft spot for people who help others without motive or expectation and is an empath at her core.

What you might find most interesting about Jenna is her unique ability to be the perfect combination of all the best characteristics. She’s a serious fun-haver but also laid back. Her determined work ethic (which she says was instilled by her father) doesn’t get in the way of her being a source of light and laughter to her others. Curious and imaginative, she’s also self-aware and intuitive.

What we’re getting at? While you might be looking for a great stylist, in Jenna’s chair, you’ll gain a friend and confidant that just happens to leave you looking and feeling your best self ever.