Emma Ramsey

Level 2 Stylist, Cutting Connoisseur, Detail-oriented, Empathetic, Avid Listener

Growing up, Emma loved doing her family and friends’ hair and makeup. Still, she never intended on making a career of it. She thought she’d go to college and become a nurse. It wasn’t until her next-door neighbor, a cosmetologist, planted a seed that her passion for skin and hair could be her job. After two years of nursing school, Emma swapped her scrubs for an apron and sheers and ended up at Shannon Aleksandr’s - the exact salon where the neighbor that inspired her all those years ago works. Meant to be? We think so.

And she has no regrets. Emma is all in, from chic updos and Hollywood glam styles to coloring and (most importantly - to her) disciplined cutting. A head of hair is like a map, and she uses the science and math behind cutting and coloring to put all the pieces of an individual’s hair puzzle together. Talk about attention to detail!  

When she’s not at the salon, she’s thriving in her independence: maintaining her home, cuddling her fur babies, cooking, and nurturing relationships with her significant other, family, and friends.  

Want to know the best thing about Emma being your stylist? She takes her education and expertise seriously about what works for certain hair types, face shapes, and maintenance. She honestly and transparently shares this knowledge with her guests to give them the best beauty and pampering experience that lingers long after they’ve left her chair. Sign us up for tailored salon experiences any day!