Danielle Robertson

Level 5 Stylist, Third-Generation Stylist, Hair Integrity Advocate, Independent, Spontaneous

Danielle is a third-generation hair stylist and attended the same school her mother did in the 80s. So,it’s safe to say she had a leg up when it came to knowledge and experience in the realm of cosmetology. She embraces the salon’s opportunities in education and has found her home at SAS and amongst her coworkers.

While she has a chill and laid-back vibe,she also deeply appreciates sarcasm and will definitely make you laugh. Her clients are smitten with her and love the color changes, natural looks, and easy grow-out styles she creates.

You can find her garage sale-ing in her free time, sprucing up her house, doing reno projects, and hanging with her pups.

A few things she’s always down for: pizza, sweets, and spontaneous road trips.