Ashley Below

Level 4 Stylist, Blonde-ing, Dimension, Homebody, Music Lover, Wanderlust, Sensitive, Assertive

Ashley would love to spend every day working on blondes, but in reality, she’dmiss dipping her feet into a little bit of everything –highlights, dimension, cutting, balayage –you name it.What she loves most about her work is that every day is new. Getting to know her guests, their stories and travels, and making them look and feel fab never gets boring.

It makes sense. She is engaging, well-traveled, and as easygoing as they come. That she genuinely cares about her guests, their hair, and coworkers is an understatement.While she’s a self-proclaimed homebody who jumps at the opportunity to soak in an agenda-free day, she’s also an avid traveler who appreciates an off-grid camping trip when time permits. Up next? She has her sights set on international adventures when she can steal away the vacay.

We’d be remiss if we didn’t mention what was likely her first love and still an extension of who she is today: music. That, and the fact that it’s no secret, she’d replace her entire food pyramid with chocolate and candy if she could get away with it.