Allison Beckerle

Level 1 Stylist, Enigmatic, Quirky, Insightful, Cat-obsessed

There is an aura of mystery to Allison, a quiet kind of wisdom and soul older than her age festering just beneath the surface.

Her deep appreciation and passion for creating have always been stimulated in painting, crocheting, and other crafts, so it is no surprise that she naturally gravitated to a career involving hair and makeup.

While seemingly quiet and sometimes reserved, a brief conversation with her sheds light on aspects of the mystery about her. She’s the total package. From all things skincare and makeup to killer, edgy haircuts, colors, and chic, classic styles, you won’t regret ending up in her chair.

She spends her free time exploring her creative side by painting or crocheting surrounded by her cats or outdoors with her dogs, listening to music, shopping, and absorbing as much new information to master her craft as possible!