Alaina Inge

Level 5 Nail Tech, Nail Art & Designs, Infectiously Cheerful, Passionate, Optimistic, Grateful

Remember in the early pandemic/quarantine days when the internet was flooded with people learning new hobbies, like baking bread from scratch? Well, Alaina ordered a couple of acrylic nail sets online and spent the days indoors practicing manicures on her closest besties. It’s safe to say it was time well spent; she’s since made a career out of it!

When searching for a nail technician, a few must-haves come to mind for most people: someone trustworthy, experienced, who pays close attention to detail, and who paints inside the lines. Alaina checks all those boxes; however, it’s what she does to elevate your nail service that really sets her apart. She’s meticulous, obsessed with cleanliness, and uber-knowledgeable about the latest nail trends, safety, and sanitation best practices.

Whether searching for a basic, no-frills manicure or detailed, intricate nail art - marble, florals, and seasonal designs - Alaina will leave you feeling completely understood and cared for. That’s her specialty.  

Her time spent outside of work is usually with friends. Her friend group is as close to her heart as the group is close-knit. They do everything together: sleepovers, paint nights, dinner, gossiping and girl talk, watching movies, and playing board games.

Alaina leaves people with more than healthy, beautiful nails. Her guests also get a taste of her refreshing perspective on life, her infectiously cheerful personality, and her passion for people. We’d book just to hang out - the nails are a bonus.

Even her dreams are cool. One day, she’s going to do Megan Thee Stallion’s nails - mark her words. Take it from us: don’t sleep on a nail experience with her while you have the chance!