Selena Millan

Level 1 Stylist, Foil-work Extraordinaire, Tenacious, Endearing, Curious, Fashion Obsessed

Fun fact: Selena was a rodeo showgirl growing up. When her mother discovered she’d fallen off a horse while training, she was forced to retire. She got her start in cosmetology, treating her sister to spa services and highlights from an at-home setup, complete with a pedicure tub, tin foil, and boxed color. She’s since turned her clever entrepreneurial days into a career and has never looked back.

Detail-oriented and work-obsessed, Selena gets immense gratification from foil work, leaving guests with perfectly blended highlights and gorgeously colored hair. Her eagerness and willingness to continue learning evolving trends and techniques set her apart from other stylists, and it doesn’t hurt that she’s tenacious and ambitious in her craft.

Her father’s adolescence and work ethic inspire her. He left home at age 14 and moved to the United States at 17 to earn a living. At the time, he didn’t speak English or know how to drive. Now, he can build a car from the parts and a house from the ground up.

Selena’s relationships are an integral part of her personal and professional style. From her family and her fiance, whom she describes as her rock, to her animals, her warm, genuine approach to people and hair is a beautiful reflection of the love surrounding her throughout life. Her loving approach is a rare gift from which her guests inevitably benefit.

If you’re looking for a stylist who works hard, deeply cares about you and your hair, and keeps an interesting story up her sleeve, you found her.