Heaven Serrano

Level 1 Esthetician, Wax Master, Skincare Enthusiast, Relationship-builder, Pleasant, Selfless

When your dad is a barber, and you grow up hanging out at barber shops, it’s hard not to become intrigued by cosmetology and esthetics. From an early age, Heaven had an unconventional perspective regarding her career, knew a traditional education wasn’t for her, followed her instincts, and never looked back: this is her calling.

Heaven has a knack for discretion, relaxation, and comfort in waxing, giving her guests an experience they can brag about to their friends. Apart from being a wax wiz, hydrafacials are her jam, but at the heart of it, esthetics really boil down to skincare education and regimen implementation, one step at a time.  

With her career involving a lot of handwork and movement, her hobbies tend to put her brain to work. She’s an avid reader and enjoys writing. However, as a foodie who loves to cook - especially some of the Salvadorian dishes her mother made growing up - her hobbies aren’t all cerebral. Mature and independent, Heaven is family-oriented and a proud fur mama and enjoys catching up on her favorite tv shows: anime and Grey’s Anatomy topping the list.    

Every person’s skin, hair, and nails are different, and Heaven’s forte is tailoring her technique and the products she uses to the individual needs of each guest she treats. Who doesn’t want the best wax experience and a skincare regimen that leaves them with glowing, healthy skin? Book with Heaven, and revel in, well, skincare heaven - pun intended.